A central point for network provisioning

An entire network can be summed up in one central undertaking for both provisioning and management within an enterprise and across transacting borders. And since there is the abstraction of control and data platforms, service delivery is increased and central management of both virtual and physical network devices. IT managers, specifically Network Administrators are even able to manage all devices, both on-site and off-site from one control point, with the option of trying out new configurations without tampering their current configuration functionality.

Possible global connections that are intelligent

Software defined and cloud WANs form an interconnection of several enterprise environments. This means that global traffic management is taking place between several datacenter infrastructures based on the network logic learnt. With this, there is the benefit of alternative traffic flow routes, making possible the elimination or reduction of any network downtime and better disaster recovery in the event of need for proper contingency planning.


Cloud resources abstraction.

An SDN controller can manage so many data-center platforms making the consolidation of cloud resources possible and, more so, simplified. This is all part of making the enterprise evolve to use a unified information infrastructure. There is the possibility of having all features and attributes of the cloud resources in one single pane of glass.

Guaranteed data traffic efficiency

Besides being able to revamp security, cloud resources and enabling central management, Software-defined WANs guarantee enterprises of information delivery and a high quality of the same through defined automation and definite direction of data traffic.